Optional Conference: Agile management, not just for managers

Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts is a management consultant and Certified Scrum Trainer, based in Berlin, Germany. He is currently focussed on helping executives in large organisations so they can achieve their goals through the use and support of agility. He was honoured to take part as one of the 21 participants in the January 2012 Stoos gathering on 21st Century leadership and management where he co-authored the Stoos Communiqué.

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Designing High-Performance into our Organisations: What can ScrumMasters, managers and other leaders do to help every team to excel?


My talk this year will focus on Radical Management’s principle number 2: a shift in the role of the manager from a controller to an enabler of self-organizing teams.

It will include:
– what is a high-performance team?
– the key factors for high-performance teams
– organisational design principles for high-performance teams
– what leaders should do to help create an environment in which every team can become a high-performance team

The talk will be aimed at ScrumMasters, coaches and managers in organisations that have already or are considering adopting Agile.