Day 2 – 25 March 2015

Optional Conference: Agile management, not just for managers

Day 2 – 25 March 2015

László Fülöp (Pont Systems)
The Change Agent’s Dilemma
Mina Boström Nakićenović
Agile Architecture – How worse can be better

Room 1
(Team) Management
Room 2
Business & Case studies
Room 3
QA & Technology
Mike Leber – Morning kick-off
Mary Poppendieck – Keynote
The Scaling Dilemma

Coffee break
11:10-11:45 Ildikó Mindák
The lean leader: how to nurture droids into thinking people
11:45-12:20 Bence Kulcsár
Being an agile product owner – with a world class product example
György Tokovicz
Advanced Facilitation Tecnhiques
13:20-13:55 Dániel Kólya
Leading Agile Teams – Let Them Do It On Their Own!
TJ Ewing, Gábor Mayer (LogMeIn)
Hack-a-ton and Innovation
Gustav Boström
Securely dispose of your waste – Security in your process
13:55-14:30 Narek Alaverdyan
Technology vs. Processes: Increasing value delivery by doing less (
Lajos Tancsik
Dealing with legacy projects and multiple customers by transforming to agile
Open Space
(including Coffee break)
Linda Rising – Keynote
The Power of an Agile Mindset


Day 1 Programme – 24 March 2015