Day 1 – 24 March 2015

Optional Conference: Agile management, not just for managers

Day 1 – 24 March 2015

Room 1
(Team) Management
Room 2
Business & Case studies
Room 3
QA & Technology
Mike Leber – Welcome speech
Stephen Parry – Keynote
Waste is Optional

Coffee break
11:20-11:55 Simon Roberts
Designing High-Performance into our Organisations
Árpád Zsolt Bodó, PhD
Finding the right practice for the various levels of planning
Dr. Adel Hejaaji
Agile manufacturing and smart SMEs companies
11:55-12:30 Szabolcs Dobra
Winning a tender with Story Mapping

14:05-14:40 Jurgen Appelo
Manage yourself!
Daniel Homorodean
Lessons from the Jungle: Negotiating New Situations in the Wild and in Business
Levente Vigh, Árpád Metzing
Support teams in the Agile World
14:40-15:15 Francesco Degrassi
Fifty shades of fail – a lean perspective on success & failure
Coffee break
15:35-16:10 Jutta Eckstein
Agile Teams: Self-Organizing, Collocated, and Distributed
István Margetin
Lean Startup for the Agile Enterprise
Jonathan Moss
Tightening the feedback loop
16:10-16:45 Bálint Erős
Product Owner Role: Share or Not To Share?
16:45-17:20 Mike Leber
Adaptive Organizations – Change by Design
Chris Wright
Keeping Governance and Audit Agile
János Szenfner
Test Lead challenges in Agile environment
17:20-17:55 Andrea Provaglio
The Power of Expectations


Day 2 Programme – 25 March 2015