Optional Conference: Agile management, not just for managers

Árpád Metzing, Levente Vigh

Árpád is a Lead Software Engineer with strong interest for agile and methodology in general. He has been working in a huge medical software project for over 4 years - developing and maintaining tools to support the successful and efficient work of other development teams. His team has succeeded in implementing the majority of the agile principles in a traditionally managed multinational company. Levente started his carreer in the software business as a tester in 2007. During his first years he experienced many things starting from manual and exploratory testing, through test automation up to writing and maintaing their own software testing framework. Since 2009 he is mainly involved in Continuous Integration including forming the process, executing and investigating the CI builds, creating and maintaining the infrastructure and spreading this knowledge as the evangelist of the topic in the company. Five years ago, he was member of the pioneer team adapting their processes, source control- and integration system to a newly introduced ALM solution – based on the agile principles. These days - besides his daily tasks in CI - he supports other organizational units in CI matters and their transition to agile with his experience gained in the past 5 years.

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Support teams in the Agile World


According to agile principles, teams shall handle everything possible connected to their product / project work. What are the exceptions? When does it makes sense to carve-out certain topics and handle them to e.g. support teams? In our presentation we would like to show live examples coming from the experience gained in the past 5 years taking part in the development of a number 1 medical product.