Optional Conference: Agile management, not just for managers

Daniel Homorodean

Daniel Homorodean believes that there is a great potential of innovation in Eastern Europe, that needs to be unleashed. Daniel manages Arxia (www.arxia.com) and PlanningWiz (www.planningwiz.com) and is member of the board of Cluj IT Cluster (www.clujit.ro). He has 12 years experience in developing IT projects and products for the global market, organizing tech conferences and fostering the growth of technical communities. Daniel is an avid traveler and mountaineer, always ready for new experiences and new challenges.

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Lessons from the Jungle: Negotiating New Situations in the Wild and in Business


Experiential learning is the most powerful way to become better, yet we usually apply a linear approach to it, taking one step at the time and trying to read a new situation based on what we already know to be proven. We approach dramatic change with reluctancy and we try to avoid risks. But what happens when we are thrown suddenly in a totally different environment, for which we are not prepared? How does this transform our way of thinking? How does it make us better managers? Might we gain in business if we deliberately “run with the bulls”? The speaker believes that crossing the jungles of Congo or hitchhiking over the Sahara are great ways to learn lessons that apply well in management. It did for him.