Optional Conference: Agile management, not just for managers

TJ Ewing, Gábor Mayer

Currently based in Budapest as Vice President of International Development & Managing Director, TJ oversees LogMeIn’s business operations and HR teams and acts as a catalyst for LogMeIn’s engineering teams toward continuous improvements. Prior to LogMeIn, TJ served more than 15 years as an executive and consultant in the software, construction, and food industries in the USA and Hungary. TJ holds a B.Sc. Engineering and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

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Hack-a-ton and Innovation


TJ Ewing will share some insights about LogMeIn with you:
About our way how we encourage our colleague to innovate and how motivating this opportunity for innovation can be. When people have the freedom to do what they imagined, when they own their mission they can create incredible things. At LogMeIn we are creating innovation culture. By doing so empowering everyone to create something useful.

Dreaming big is sometimes not enough. Gábor Mayer invites you on a journey, where he shows how a promising idea became a product at LogMeIn:
Of course along the road there were several bumps. We even realised that our brilliant idea was not that brilliant. But how did we end up finally with a patent and how did we win the first LogMeIn Hackathon? I will tell you at in my talk!