Optional Conference: Agile management, not just for managers

Dániel Kólya

Dániel is a qualified economist, an MBA and a certified management consultant (CMC). After 7 years in HR consulting he spent 5 years in senior management positions working for Hungarian and international IT companies. He returned to consulting in 2005 - he work as a partner and senior consultant/trainer of Flow Group and Flow International. His priority areas include organizational and leadership/management development, supporting change management processes by running small to large group as well as individual programs in Hungarian and English. He is also into e-learning solutions, graphic facilitation and mixing all new methods into the blend we call experiential learning.

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Leading Agile Teams – Let Them Do It On Their Own!


Agile teams will manage themselves well if they clear goals, if they know how well they perform and if their challenges are stretched enough but not over their skills.

Agile teams need a different leadership. As they work independently, traditional management patterns probably will not provide the right results. The question is: how should we change leadership for agile teams? One possible answer is: let them manage themselves and they will be in flow, perform at their best.

The session will cover the following topics:

– Flow state
– A little bit of brain science and flow
– The 7 flow conditions
– Group flow
– Application to leading agile teams
– Positive consequences to performance

Dániel Kólya will hold a workshop before the conference, on 23 March 2015, with Simon Roberts. See the details here: Leading Agile Flow: The Secret Sauce of Great Agile Teams.