Optional Conference: Agile management, not just for managers

Bence Kulcsár

The speaker is an agile coach with more than 8+ years experience in agile implementations from enterprise scaled agile to lean startup incubation.

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Being an agile product owner – with a world class product example


Can you imagine that an existing physical product shifts its own product category and market position upwards after a simple firmware upgrade?

A good product owner can.

What is more important, her team can, too. So what is the difference between a classic product manager and an agile product owner? The presentation gives the answer focusing on the meaning of effectiveness, as well as on management behaviour, motivation and on product ownership. Furthermore, the physical product example illustrates in an inspiring way what we can expect if the product owner does the job well. The never seen before real world example shows that how leads a well refined agile/lean startup mindset to an exceptional market fit.