Optional Conference: Agile management, not just for managers

Árpád Zsolt Bodó, PhD

Founder and CTO of Sprint Consulting, the market leader agile consulting company in Eastern Europe, organizer of Agile Budapest Meetups, Zsolt is a Certified Scrum Practitioner, Agile Trainer and Coach performing agile transformation of multinational and other major companies. Zsolt also teaches agile in 3 universities of 2 countries. Trainees/coaches headcount is 2500+, worked in 11 countries, agile project sizes between 3-350 people.

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Finding the right practice for the various levels of planning


The planning onion highlights the different levels of planning necessary in agile organizations: daily, iteration, release, product, portfolio and strategy level planning. With new tools and techniques such as Impact Mapping and not-so-new ones like Big Wall or Story Mapping, catering for all the upper levels is becoming more and more easy.

The talk provides a high level overview of the tools we used at several organizations to solve these planning questions, their right places in the onion and also potential overlaps – how can these practices support each other. It also focuses on when using these techniques becomes very important and when can they be omitted; as sometimes not all of the specified levels have to be supported.

The tools placed on the onion will be:
– Mitch Lacey’s Big Wall to support up-front initial estimation
– Jeff Patton’s User Story Mapping to give structure to backlogs and provide fullness
– Gojko Adzic’s Impact Mapping to ensure development is delivering based on business goals
– Dean Leffingwell’s Scaled Agile Framework for scaling for larger organizations
– Eric Ries’ MVP concept for reducing time-to-market